The Eulogy Exercise

Write your own eulogy to shape your future

While you could write a chronological eulogy—going through each of your accomplishments and important steps in your life—it’s more powerful to go about it through common themes weaving a thread in the narrative of your life.

This is by no means a comprehensive guide to writing a eulogy in general, but answering these questions may help you draft an outline.

It’s very important that you don’t rush when answering these questions. Take your time to consider your responses. You should answer them in the past, present AND future you.

After you have completed the exercise, your responses will be sent back to you for use in preparing a single narrative for what you would want said at your memorial service.

Example Eulogy:

{Name} is impossible to sum up — we’d be here all day if I had the opportunity to share with you all all the wonderful things he/she did, taught, and accomplished in his/her life. To spare you all from that I’ve decided to restrict this to a short list of some of the best qualities of {Name}. Without further ado, here’s the things that made {Name} the man/woman he/she was: